Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Poodle Dog -- January 22, 2013

The Poodle Dog Restaurant opened in San Francisco in 1849.  The name may have come from miners mangling the name Poulet d'Or.  Prohibition killed the restaurant in 1922.  The name has been revived a couple of times since then.  The ad and article are both from the 29-December-1907 San Francisco Call


When the earthquake and fire eliminated from San Francisco all that was good in the restaurant line, when prayers were said for the hungry, the Old Poodle Dog, the most popular of all the French restaurants in the the city, responded, and, ere the ashes were cold a new place had grown up. The Old Poodle Dog was again to the front, 824 Eddy street being the new location.  The Old Poodle Dog, formerly of Bush street and Grant avenue, in the old days was noted for its excellent cuisine, its reputation being international, and
many of the old patrons are to be found today seated in the spacious dining rooms of  the new cafe paying tribute to that host of hosts, whose one inspiring aim is "to please." After the expiration of the present lease the Old Poodle Dog will be known under a new, incorporated name; the Bergez-Franks restaurant and cafe and will open on the second anniversary, of the fire at Kearny and Bush streets with an equipment costing over $100,000. 

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