Saturday, November 3, 2012

Metreon, Target, Super Duper Burger, Macys -- November 3, 2012

Today we drove to Fifth and Mission.  The hole at Fourth and Howard is getting bigger.  The second floor of the garage was closed for refurbishing.  We parked and went to the new Target store in the Metreon.  It looked like every other Target store. 

We had lunch at Super Duper Burger.  The hamburger was good, but very juicy.  The fries were excellent. 

We walked up to Macys.  I was happy to see that they had not put up any Christmas decorations. 

We went to five o'clock mass, which was the monthly teen mass.  We welcomed a large group of kids who are in their second year of confirmation preparation.  We had dinner at L&L Hawaiian Barbeque.  We saw two houses with Christmas decorations on the way home.  Too early. 

I took the photo at the Metreon on 18-February-2012. 

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