Thursday, November 1, 2012

Giants Victory Parade 2012 -- November 1, 2012

Yesterday I left work about 10:30 to attend the Giants' World Series Victory Parade.  I walked down to Spear Street, where the Giants players waited in convertibles interspersed with families and support people on motorized cable cars. Some of the players near us got out of the cars to do autographs. Here shortstop Brendan Crawford signs a jacket.

After a while I picked my way through the crowd to Market near Fremont to watch the main parade. After the 2010 parade, where all the players rode on cable cars, people complained that they could not see the players if they were on the other side of the cars. Unfortunately, with the players in convertibles, they were much lower than they had been in the motorized cable cars.

There were speakers playing loud music along the route. They started playing "Gangnam Style." I looked up at the windows of the building across the way. Gumby stood in the window doing the dance.

I had to leave for a 12:30 meeting, but I did get a glimpse of Pablo Sandoval holding his World Series MVP trophy.

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