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Yacht Aeolus -- August 27, 2012

I was inspired by the recent America's Cup World Series, held in San Francisco Bay, to include a beautiful image of a yacht.  The Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco is still operating, based in Tiburon. The Encinal Yacht Club is based in Alameda.  Aeolus, named after the Greek god of the winds, was nominated to race an Encinal Club yacht for the San Francisco challenge cup, which I believe is still contested. 

From the 24-April-1897 San Francisco Call. William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the newspaper. Click on the image to see a larger version. 


The Corinthians Will Hold Their Opening To- Day. 

The Corinthians will take their turn and open their season to-day. The committee has issued the following announcement:

Corinthians : On Saturday, April 24, we will welcome our season of '97 with the customary Corinthian festivities. The clubhouse will be opened early for the reception of our lady friends and their escorts. Refreshments will be served during the afternoon, and the time passed with music and dancing until the departure of our guests on the boat leaving at 5 :40 P. M Owners are requested to have their yachts dressed for the occasion. Those unable to attend to this personally may leave their flags with the steward, who will set them.

As a prelude to the "jinks" a feast will be provided immediately after the arrival of the 6:30 P. M. boat from the City. An elaborate programme has been prepared for the evening by a committee which has never failed to please the fastidious Corinthian. Owing to the limited accommodation of our clubhouse, this entertainment will be only for members and specially invited guests. For the occasion the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad Company has kindly consented to accommodate those who are obliged to return to the City. The boat will leave Tiburon about midnight. Regular tickets will be accepted on this boat. Three whistles will be blown as a signal five minutes before starting.

The sailing orders for the following day are:

Orders, Sunday, April 25—8 A. M., colors; 9:30 A. M., captains will report on board flagship for orders; 10:30 A. M., leave moorings at signal from the commodore for squadron cruise in two divisions; all yachts over thirty feet waterline length will follow the flagship Clara; the remainder of the fleet will follow the vice-commodore in the Aeolus. A committee will be in attendance to arrange for the accommodation of non-yacht owners on the yachts of members.

Following are the Corinthian committees:

Reception committee— Commodore Alex J. Young, Vice-Commodore Carl Westerfeld, E. B. Lathrop C. L. Barrett, J. H. Keefe, F. R. Cook and W. F. Fisher; floor committee— J. M. Mattoon, J. Short Jr., Robert Dean, R. H. Morrow and F. M. Thornton; floor manager, E. S. Emmons; Jinks committee— M. A. Newell, J. V. O'Brien, F. M. Thornton, W. H. Crowell, D. H. McLaughlin and O. Ellinghouse.

The Aeolus has been chosen by the Corinthian Yacht Club to compete for the San Francisco challenge cup now held by the Encinals.

A formal challenge was sent to the Encinals a few days ago and the probability is that the latter club will accept. It is expected that the Fawn will be chosen, and as both yachts are in the same class a great race should be the result. The Aeolus is owned by genial Bob Morrow and Vice-Commodore Westerfeld. She was designed by Leonard and built by Frank Stone.

The Aeolus has shown great speed, and in the last regatta made an excellent showing against ex-Commodore Pew's yacht Truant.

J. R. Savory's yacht Juanita is on the beach having her bottom painted and interior renovated and will go in commission to-morrow.

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