Saturday, August 4, 2012

Indian is World's Great Athlete -- August 4, 1912

This image, from the 27-July-1912 El Paso Herald, describes Jim Thorpe's wins in the pentathalon and decathalon. In 1913, the Olympic Committee stripped the medals from him because he had been paid to play a few semipro baseball games. 

Jim Thorpe, the full-blooded Sac and Fox Indian, of the Carlisle Pa. Indian training college, who proved himself to be one of the greatest athletes the world ever saw by winning two all around athletic competitions at the International Olympic athletic games, just concluded at Stockholm. Sweden.  At the left, Thorpe is shown just after throwing the discus.  In the center he is set for a 100-meters dash. At the right he is shown going over the bar in the high jump.

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