Monday, May 21, 2012

Alley #31 -- May 21, 2012

In Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart playing, a former police detective, follows Kim Novak, playing the wife of an old school friend of Stewart's, into an alley.  She parks her car and enters a nondescript door.  Stewart follows her and winds up in a dirty-looking room.  He looks through a door and sees her in a beautiful flower shop with a distinctive tiled floor.  This was Podesta Baldocchi, an old San Francisco florist.  The shop on the left used to be the home of Podesta Baldocchi.  The alley, a short extension of  Campton Place, has been closed off with a gate for several years.  I suspect the owners of the shop got tired of Hitchcock fans.  Ironically, this alley was only used for a couple of shots looking back towards Grant Avenue.  Hitchock needed an alley that was open at both ends, rather than one that dead-ends like this.  Most of the shots and the door were filmed in nearby Claude Lane, which goes all the way through the block between Bush and Sutter. 

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