Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Norman Corwin, RIP -- October 19, 2011

I was sad to learn that Norman Corwin, writer, director and producer of some of the best radio dramas, comedies and documentaries, had died at the age of 101.  I remember when Gene Nelson, who played old radio shows at night on KSFO, played "On a Note of Triumph," Corwin's tribute to victory in Europe.  I remember when Corwin and Walter Cronkite did a show in 2000 for NPR,  I was surprised to learn that Corwin was still alive.

From "On a Note of Triumph" (note the blank verse):
So they've given up!
They're finally done in, and the rat is dead in an alley back of the Wilhelmstrasse.
Take a bow, G.I.
Take a bow, little guy.
The superman of tomorrow lies at the feet
Of you common men of the afternoon.

 The image comes from the wonderful site LucyWho (

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