Sunday, March 6, 2011

Firehouse #41 -- March 6, 2011

The former Engine 31, built in 1908, sits at the top of Green Street on Russian Hill. When fire equipment was horse drawn, many fire houses were built at the tops of hills so the equipment could arrive quicker. The property was sold at auction in 1959. Louise M Davies, namesake of the symphony hall, remodeled it as a home. I took the photo on 22-March-2010.

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Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hello! Joe Thompson...
I really like the photograph...There goes the sunlight hitting the siding Of the fire house that I like to see... (Which I mentioned in my current comment under your Ash Wednesday post...)
...the sunlight hit!
Thanks, for sharing the info(rmation)
about Firehouse#41 too!
DeeDee ;-D