Friday, June 11, 2010

Hark the Herald #8 -- June 10, 2010

This 1926 Coast Line schedule bears the classic Southern Pacific herald.

It was very warm today. I didn't get to take a walk at lunchtime yesterday, but I did today. I decided to do a diagonal walk, turning right at one corner and left at the next, going east and north. I wanted to see if I would hit a block I had never walked on before. I went on Howard, New Montgomery, Mission, Second, Market, Sansome, Bush, Battery, Pine, Front, California, Davis, Sacramento, Drumm, Clay between the Embarcadero Center and the Peter Pan tent, then across the plaza and Steuart to Market. I came back on Mission. I think I have never walked on Pine between Battery and Front before.

People are excited about the World Cup, which started today.

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