Monday, June 28, 2010

BART Adventures -- June 28, 2010

Today was an exciting day. I was at my desk this morning when I got a message from a co-worker. He said he was going to be late because BART had stopped its trains to check the tracks after an earthquake. I went to the USGS site and found that it was off the Sunset District. At the time they estimated 3.5. Now they estimate 3.3. He got to work a little later.

Going home, I went down to the platform at Montgomery. The signs said the next train would be a 10-car to the airport. I walked to catch the last car. As I stood there, the station agent announced that the first two cars of the airport train had been locked down, so people should get on the remaining eight cars as quickly as possible. When the train arrived, the most the lights were off in the first two cars. The train sailed by and didn't stop until the first two cars were in the tunnel. I ran up to the last car and got on. There I found that the heater was on full blast. I didn't try to change cars because I worried I might not get a seat elsewhere.

I took the photo in the sauna car before I got off.

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