Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cartoon Art Museum #2 -- May 22, 2010

We were going to do a walking tour today, but one of the people we were going to take got sick. We headed downtown anyway and parked at Fifth and Mission. We took a walk out Kearny to Portsmouth Square and then up to the Fortune Cookie Factory.

We walked back on Stockton, through the tunnel and on to Macys. I dropped the cookies off at the car and met them back at the store. They shopped a bit and then we went down Stockton and dropped off their purchases.

We had lunch at AG Ferrari on Mission, then went to the Cartoon Art Museum. I wanted to see the Batman exhibit before it closes in early June. They had a copy of the original artwork from Detective 27, Batman's first appearance. The cover of Detective 27 is from a wonderful site called Cover Browser: They also had scenes from The Dark Knight, Digital Justice, and Year 100.

There was a new exhibit on Mort Walker and Beetle Bailey. I never paid much attention to it in the Sunday paper and then after Hearst took over the Chronicle, but I remember its occasional controversies. I liked one where the Sargeant yells at a Private for shooting a machine gun at a deer and tells him never to do anything so cruel again. "This is meant for people."

The third exhibit was about Ed Hannigan's covers for DC and Marvel. He has MS and the show was helping to raise money for him. I put something in the box.

We went from there across the street to the California Historical Society to see the Think California exhibit. I particularly liked the painting "Larsen's Chicken Farm, 19th Avenue, San Francisco." There were sections on different themes like people coming to California, California's abundance, and our expositions.

We went to 5 o'clock mass at Good Shepherd, for Pentecost. Now Easter season is truly over.

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