Friday, March 5, 2010

Train Station #20 -- March 5, 2010

The Ocean Shore Railroad has been gone since 1921. The Kelly Avenue Station in Half Moon Bay has travelled more than most buildings. It started out near Kelly Avenue, closer to the coast. Some time after the railroad ceased operations in 1920 or 1921, it was moved to Kelly and Main. Around 1930, it moved again to Johnston and Miramontes Streets, behind the Community Methodist Church. A Bank of America, now serving as City Hall, replaced it at Kelly and Main. The church needed to expand, so the station moved once more in 2000 to its present location, near the Johnston House. My daughter found it amusing that a Jazzercise class was going on when we stopped to take a photo on 08-February-2010.

It was very cold today. I walked down to the Ferry Building at lunch time and took videos of ferries.

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Angel Chris said...

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