Thursday, December 24, 2009

For All You Last Minute Shoppers -- December 24, 2009

Visit Hamburgers, "Safest Place to Trade," in Los Angeles on Broadway, Eighth and Hill Streets. "Hamburger Glove orders are about the best 'eleventh hour' gifts to buy." "Have You Seen The Curtiss Flying Machine?" It is on display on the fourth floor, accompanied by an expert mechanician who can answer all questions.

From the Los Angeles Herald, 24-December-1909.

Not many people at work today.

Odds and ends about the wedding in Surprise, Arizona: 1) Surprise has very limited public transit. I saw something on the internet about an express bus to Phoenix, but I never saw a bus or a bus stop. I saw lots of golf carts on the side streets. 2) I have to write the chairman of BNSF. I kept driving across train tracks (on West Bell Road), but never saw a moving train. I did hear a train blow for the crossing (on West Bell Road) Sunday afternoon and a few times on Monday.

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