Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oracle World Setting Up -- October 10, 2009

Thursday during the day they started to set up tents in front of each side of Moscone Center. When I got to work yesterday, they had closed the block between Third and Fourth on Howard. Traffic was heavy during the day, but I didn't hear as much honking as last year. I took the photo Friday morning.

When I left work, I called home and my wife said a dump truck had run away in Pacifica and the road was closed around Manor. After the first stop, we saw yellow police tape closing Manor on the beach side at Palmetto. My first was that the fish and chips place had gotten smashed again, but we saw the dump truck and a couple of smashed cars on the other side of Manor, just past the 76 station. The truck had run away down Manor and smashed several cars along the way.

Today we went to get flu shots.

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