Monday, October 19, 2009

Giants Wall of Fame #12 -- October 19, 2009

In September, 2008 the Giants unveiled their Wall of Fame along the King Street side of the ballpark, whatever it is called this week. This set of plaques in honors two Giants whom I remember well.

Robby Thompson (no relation) was a wonderful second baseman who, along with Will Clark, jumped from AA to the majors. He formed a strong double play combination with Jose Uribe. He played his whole career with the Giants

Rod Beck, Shooter, was a brilliant closer who saved many games for the Giants. He died in 2007.

These were the last two plaques of the original set. I took the photo on 29-September-2008 (3076).

There was a huge burst of rain in the afternoon. Gutters overflowed. The rain stopped before I left the office, but the bus was late. When it came it was very crowded. riders said that the first bus had broken down. The driver said she couldn't go down Sixth Street because the 280 Extension was closed. Her supervisor told her not to pick anyone up along Mission and Tenth, but we persuaded her and told her where the stops were located. There was a huge puddle in the onramp on Tenth Street.

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