Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moon Festival -- September 19, 2009

It was not as warm today. We parked at Fifth and Mission and walked up to Old Navy. We stopped at Macy's, then walked over to Grant Avenue. We stopped at the Starbucks at Bush, which was very busy, and got something to drink. Grant was blocked across California for the Moon Festival. My wife went to the bookstore at Old Saint Mary's to get some music for religion class. We walked through the festival a bit, then steered down Sacramento and Clay to the Embarcadero Center. We had not been for a long time and were saddened by the number of stores and restaurants that were vacant. We had lunch at Boudin's, then walked up Mission to the Metreon, where we had frozen yogurt.

We went to Five O'Clock mass at Good Shepherd.

I took the photo today at Grant and California.

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