Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Giants Wall of Fame #10 -- August 19, 2009

In September, 2008 the Giants unveiled their Wall of Fame along the King Street side of the ballpark, whatever it is called this week. This set of plaques in honors four Giants whom I remember well.

Kevin Mitchell was an outfielder who sure could hit. He was MVP in 1989,. the year the Giants went to the World Series against the Athletics. Scott Garrelts was a right-handed starting pitcher who served with the Giants for ten seasons, including the World Series year. Rick Reuschel, Big Daddy, was a large guy who threw a wonderful sinker and could hit very well. He liked to get people out with a minimum number of pitches. Jeff Brantley was a relief pitcher who made the 1990 All Star game. He is now a broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds.

I took the photo on 29-September-2008 (3078).

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