Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cartoon Art Museum -- August 30, 2009

Yesterday we visited the Cartoon Art Museum ( The Disney fans in the family wanted to see an exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty. The exhibit talked about how Walt Disney wanted the style Eyvind Earle's to carry through to the finished product.

"Monsters of Webcomics" had examples of several artists' work, and a set of questions that had been posed to each artist.

The third exhibit was "The Brinkley Girls," about Nell Brinkley's work. It included several pages from Examiner Sunday pages that featured stories or verses illustrated by Brinkley. As we looked at a page from "Golden Eyes and her Hero, Bill, Over There," I said to my wife "You can say a lot of bad things about William Randolph Hearst, but he liked comics and illustrations." My wife said "And scantily clad blondes." In fact, my wife said the character looked like Marion Davies. I thought that relationship had started later, but actually they were already together when the stories were published.

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