Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour -- June 27, 2009

Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Train Tour, ballyhooing a new version of the story, has been travelling around the country. Today it was in Oakland. It was supposed to be at the Port of Redwood City, but they had construction going on. We had never been to Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. It was hard to find, but nice. Even though we were early, the parking lot was full. The port had covered the no parking signs on the surrounding streets, so we were able to park along the road, right across the lawn from the observation car. The weather was warm and sunny, so we got the full odor of the mud flats. Everything was free.

We waited about 30 minutes in line, and were enterained by two guys, on one stilts, working with a diabolo. The train was pulled by two GE Genesis locomotives. We climbed aboard at the front of the first car behind the locomotives. The first four or five cars had exhibits. The last two or three, including an observation car, were for the cast and crew members. The first one or two cars had images of the characters and the scenes, and some Dickens memorabilia in cases, like two pages of the manuscript for Nicholas Nicholby, and some early editions of "A Christmas Carol."

The next car had touch screens that allowed us to see some of the locations.

The next car had kiosks where people could get photographed and then morph their faces into some of the characters. We all wound up as Tiny Tim.

The last exhibit car was decorated for a Christmas party and smelled of gingerbread.

After the train, we went to a temporary theater to see a preview of the movie. The lenses of the 3-D glasses were red/green, but also appeared to be polarized. The 3-D effects were good.

We drove to Emeryville and had lunch at the Chevys by the bay. It was nice.

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