Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tough Game -- May 17, 2009

Yesterday we went to our first Giants game this season, against the Mets. It was very warm and we were uncomfortable until the shadows moved across us. I liked how stadium people went up the aisles before the end of the game collecting recyclable items. I didn't like how the usher in section 307 didn't appear until the ninth inning. Consequently, people were trooping in and out and up and down the stairs throughout the game. In the past, ushers have ask them to wait, at least while someone was at bat. Also, a group of young women occupied the seats in front of us, to be near friends who had tickets nearby, and proceeded to drink themselves into oblivion. The most thoroughly sodden one acquired a big pink inflatable bat and used it to make a nuisance of herself. This definitely interfered with our enjoyment of the game.

The performance of the Giants also interfered with our enjoyment. We had hoped to see Randy Johnson get his 229th win. Instead he gave up three runs in the first before getting anyone out. Then he settle down and the Giants tied the score. In the fifth, things went to pot again and the Giants gave up four more. They managed to get the score up to 7-6, but then gave up three more runs in the ninth. So far they have lost the first three of four games in this series. Let's see what happens today.

The photo shows the Fox Blimp sailing away from the stadium.

We had parked at Fifth and Mission and walked to the park. We took Muni Metro back and made 5:15 mass at Saint Patrick's. After we went to Pacifica and had supper at L&L Hawaiian Barbeque.

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