Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Crookedest Railroad in the World -- April 15, 2009

Another of my favorite railroads is the Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods, a standard gauge line that climbed the mountain using geared locomotives. Customers could also ride gravity cars from the summit down to Muir Woods. The logo depicts the famous Double Bow Knot, where the tracks paralleled themselves five times in a short stretch.

In 1909, customers would take a Northwestern Pacific ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito, then get on a third rail electric train to the end of the Mill Valley branch, where they could catch a mountain train.

The ad is from the 29-December-1909 San Francisco Call.

It was very windy yesterday and today. On the San Mateo bridge, a truck blew on its side, then a fishing boat drifted into the bridge. They are still trying to free it.

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