Saturday, March 28, 2009

Umpire -- March 28, 2009

Tuesday I was a little early for the bus going home so I walked up to Market. A guy who plays the saxophone said I looked like an umpire. Thursday a receptionist told me I looked like an umpire. Next week I'll wear khaki pants.

Today relatives came from out of town. We met at the Cliff House for lunch. It was bright and sunny out to about 45th Avenue. Then there was fog. It was comfortable sitting outside waiting for a table.

Good Shepherd had a Lenten reconcilliation service at 3:30. There were a lot of people, so it barely finished before 5 o'cl0ck mass. We were eucharistic ministers. At the end, Father Vince announced that he had received an obedience letter from the Franciscans, so he's off to Los Angeles in August. After mass there was a ministry fair. My wife worked the table for the school.

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