Saturday, January 17, 2009

Radio Site #2 -- January 17, 2009

A view of the Palace Hotel from New Montgomery Street. I took it on 19-December-2008. The Palace was the home of several radio stations, including KSFO and KQW (now KCBS) when it moved from San Jose in 1942. KCBS has been advertising this as it's 100th year. They make that claim because Doc Herrold started regularly scheduled broadcasts from his Herrold College of Engineering and Wireless in 1909. Herrold went on to make demonstration broadcasts from the Panama-Pacific Exposition to the Fairmont Hotel and San Jose in 1915. He had to shut down his broadcasts after America entered World War One. He started up after the war but had to give up his arc phone in 1921. He received a license for KQW in late 1921. CBS took over KQW in 1942 and moved it to San Francisco. It became KCBS in 1949.
Today we took a drive down One to Pescadero and the Fipps Ranch. Traffic was heavy around Half Moon Bay.

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