Saturday, May 17, 2008

The "Toledo" Defeating the "Franklin" in the Fourth Race -- May 17, 2008

A Toledo (Pope-Toledo?) defeating a Franklin auto in the fourth race at San Francisco's Ingleside Racetrack on Friday, 06-November-1903. I like the minimal look of cars like this. "In the five-mile number for gasoline cars only, twenty-four horsepower and under, there were only two starters. The big Toledo car resembling a the prescription counter in a drug store (!? - JT) and driven by W. E. Saunders, with a chauffeur for ballast, who threw himself out on the inside step at the turns, looking like the spinnaker of the Reliance, made quick work of the Franklin, with W. F. Winchester at the wheel. The latter was indulged with the lead in the second mile, but only for a one-night stand. The winner's time was 6:46 4/5. Time of the Franklin 6:52." From the 07-November-1903 San Francisco Call.
The fog is back by the coast. Thank Heaven.
Back to Ordinary Time.
Last night we went to a nice ceremony and dinner for the teaching credential candidates at San Francisco State.

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