Friday, September 21, 2007

Willie Mac Award and Other News - September 21, 2007

I went for a walk by Pac Bell Park, or whatever it is called this week, at lunch time. I wanted to take a photo of the Willie McCovey statue because today was the day the Giants were going to annouce the 2007 Willie Mac award and I wanted to write about it.

I was hoping Bengie Molina would win, and he did. He has been a great boost to the team and I am happy he is under contract for two more seasons.

As I passed the ballpark going each way, I noticed a lot of people going into the offices. I held the door open for a guy with a big box in his arms. I wonder if the activity had anything to do with the announcement later in the afternoon that Barry Bonds will not return to the Giants next year.

I am very happy that we had Barry Bonds with us for 15 years. I remember his father Bobby when he played for the Giants. I was sad when Barry signed with the Pirates.

I remember when we thought the Giants were leaving for Florida. Then the new owners came in and signed Bonds. Things got better after that.

Barry Bonds is the best player I have ever seen in person, except for Willy Mays.

I'm sorry to say it, but I think it's time that the Giants move on and try to build a new team. Barry is not much of a fielder any more, and he hasn't been in the lineup enough to make a difference this year.

I took the photo today. As I walked back across the Third Street Bridge, I wondered where they were going to put the Barry Bonds statue, and what action it will depict.

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