Monday, August 30, 2021

COVID-19, Vaccine, Masks, Church, Baseball and School -- August 30, 2021

The Delta Variant of the Corona Virus is much more infectious than the earlier variants. Even people who have been vaccinated are catching it, but usually do not get as sick. Hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing in states run by vaccine deniers, including Texas and Florida.

The City and County of San Francisco has imposed a requirement for people attending indoor events to have proof of vaccination and to wear a mask.

The Giants are still in first place, with the best record in baseball. Signing Kris Bryant as a free agent has worked out well.  

Good Shepherd Church in Pacifica will resume Saturday afternoon masses in September. Good Shepherd School resumed classes. All teachers and children and visitors are required to wear masks on campus. All kids were required to attend in person, or join a home schooling program paid for by the Archdiocese. 

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Nick said...

That kitten-vs-lion graphic is great. I saw it as a poster in a Muni bus shelter.