Sunday, May 23, 2021

Eggs From the Farallones -- May 23, 2021


San Francisco Call, 20-June-1895

William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the San Francisco Call. The article from the 20-June-1895 San Francisco Call describes an operation which collected eggs on the Farallons, a group of islands about 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco. The rampant collecting of eggs threatened the survival of the birds on the island, so President Theodore Roosevelt created the Farallon Reservation in 1909. Clam Johnson is a great name.

Clam Johnson and His Sloop Trial.

The little sloop Trial, which is known along the water front as the egg boat, leaves this morning for the Farallon Islands. This will be her third trip this season. On the first trip she brought back 805 dozen eggs and on the last 1045 dozen. The owner and navigator of the Trial is the celebrated Clam Johnson, who has been running out to the islands for several years. The eggs are a species about three times the size of the household article, and are known as seagull and Farallon chicken eggs. They retail at about 25 cents a dozen and are used mainly by bakers and restaurant-keepers in the manufacture of pastry, etc. They make very good pies and puddings, Captain Johnson says, and one egg will make an omelet for three.

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