Saturday, January 30, 2021

COVID-19, Vaccine, Masks, Church, Baseball and School -- January 30, 2021

Towards the end of January, Governor Newsome lifted the order to shelter in place at home. This may have been premature. 

By late January, over 3.2 million Americans had been infected and over 320,000 had died. The post-holiday surge started to slow down, but newer, more infectious strains are turning up. 

Vaccine distribution got off to a slow start. 

Some idiots still refuse to wear masks. Restaurants in the Bay Area were able to reopen for outdoor dining 

Good Shepherd Church in Pacifica is having 11am mass in the outdoors, live-streamed, with an option to sit in our car. We have been doing that. On a rainy Sunday, they celebrated the mass in the gym and everyone sat in their cars. 

Spring training will probably be delayed. 

My wife and daughter, both teachers, are leading hybrid classes, with some students in the classroom and others on a Zoom meeting. I hope they will get the vaccine soon. 

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