Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Emiliano Zapata 100 Years -- April 10, 2019

Langdon, ND Courier-Democrat, 17-April-1919
100 years ago today, Mexican revolutionary general Emiliano Zapata died in an ambush.  He tried to support the rights of the campesinos.

General Zapata Falls in Battle With Mexican Cavalry.
Strongest and Most Successful of All Bandit Chiefs Is Killed in Surprise Attack.

Mexico City, April 14.— It is officially announced that Gen. Emiliano Zapata, the strongest and most successful of all bandit chiefs in Mexico, has been killed.

General Pablo Gonzales, who restored order in the state of Morelos—Zapata's stronghold—a few months ago, reported to President Carranza that Zapata had been shot by Col. Jesus Gualfardo. The latter's cavalry surprised the bandit and his followers, killing many and scattering the others.

Zapata's body was taken to Gonzales' headquarters, where it was fully identified.

For years Zapata was virtual dictator of Morelos, which is within a day's march of Mexico City. At one time he actually invaded the capital, escaping with a quantity of booty. Advices from Morelos say the death of Zapata was brought about by strategy. Zapata with his followers had been hiding in an inaccessible mountain region since the government troops had pacified the state of Morelos, which had been the stronghold-of Zapata since he began his revolt in 1909.

At the height of his power several years ago, General Zapata figured as the possible head of the Mexican government.

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