Sunday, October 15, 2017

Jumbo -- October 15, 2017

Theatrical and Circus Life by John Joseph Jennings, 1883
Jumbo was an African elephant, born in Sudan and displayed in France and Britain.  PT Barnum brought him to America in 1882 to appear in the Barnum and Bailey circus.  Jumbo was popular everywhere he went.  In 1885, Jumbo was being walked through a train yard in Toronto when he tripped and fell on his tusk, which killed him.  Shortly after, a locomotive ran him over.  Barnum had sections of him preserved so he could show them at different places. 


Nick said...

Since you've written a few times about Circusses, thought you might want to know that there's one in town in Redwood City: -- we went last night, pretty good show.

Joe Thompson said...

Hi Nick. I love circuses. I will look into that one.