Saturday, November 2, 2013

Muni Heritage Festival 2013 #1 -- November 2, 2013

Today we went downtown for Muni's Heritage Festival.  Among the features was Muni's new Blackpool Boat Tram, number 233.  Muni's other boat tram, 228, is on the far track, in front of the Agricultural Building.  233 was on public display for the time since its recent arrival in San Francisco.  There was controversy in Britain when the Lancastrian Transport Trust sold it to Market Street Railway and Muni. Note the slight differences in the tower that supports the trolley boat.233 was on static display today.

FedEx helped to bring the tram to San Francisco.

"Acquired for Muni by Market Street Railway through a grant from the Thoresen Foundation."

We rode 1938 White Motor Corporation bus 042. It still smells like gasoline inside.

We kept missing rare original-condition O'Farrell-Jones-Hyde cable car 42, so we took Cal Cable 54 out to Grace Cathedral. When we came out, 42 passed going outbound.

We waited for it to come back and had a nice ride to Market. We didn't get to ride any of the electric streetcars, but we saw numbers 1, 130, 162 and 578.

We also saw GM Diesel bus 3287 and Flyer trolley coach 5200.

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