Thursday, April 7, 2022

Collision of Planes Causes Many Deaths -- April 7, 2022

Tonopah Daily Bonanza, 07-April-1922

100 years ago today, on 07-April-1922, the first mid-air collision of two airliners happened when a single engine British DH-18A and a two-engine French Farman F.60 Goliath came together in a heavy fog over western France. All seven people aboard the two airplanes died. 

Aerial Expresses of London and
Paris Service Come Together With Great Force.

(By Associated Press)

PARIS, April 7. -- Two Paris and London aerial expresses collided today in midair over the village of Phieley, 70 miles north of Paris. The pilots of both airplanes, three passengers and one mechanic were killed in the wreckage that fell flaming to the ground.

The French airplane was piloted by Aviator Mire, aided by a mechanic, and was carrying three passengers. The British airplane, which left Croydon, London area, this morning, carried mail, and was manned only by a pilot.

The accident occurred during a fog, the pilots seeing each other too late to avoid collision. Five persons from the machines were dead when the inhabitants of Thieulley arrived on the scene shortly after the crash, and the sixth victim was dying.

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