Thursday, January 6, 2022

Capitol Insurrection One Year -- January 6, 2022

One year ago today I was deeply ashamed to see CNN refer to a "Trump Mob" as it stormed the Capitol. 

Congress was meeting to accept the votes from the electoral college. Trump invited his supporters like the Proud Boys to come to Washington. He held a big rally to stir up the morons, still claiming that the election had been stolen. Several Republicans were going to contest the results, but then the "Trump Mob" of domestic terrorists invaded the Capitol. They set up a gallows to hang the Vice President, who was presiding. One woman was shot and killed. Legislators were evacuated or locked in the gallery. Capitol policemen were killed or seriously injured. The Capitol had not been attacked since the War of 1812. 

The Capitol Police were not prepared. At first, the National Guard was not called up. 

Our so-called President has checked out and people were seriously discussing invoking the 25th Amendment or having another impeachment. 

After he posted another lying video that sort of asked the protesters to back off, Twitter suspended Trump's account.  It was about time. 

In the year since, congressional committees have been holding hearings. A number of members of the mob have been sentenced to jail. A report yesterday said that 300 of the traitors are still unidentified. 

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