Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Joe Morgan, Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford, RIP -- October 13, 2020


I was about to say that it has been a bad month for pitchers.  Tom Seaver died at the end of August. Bob Gibson and Whitey Ford died in early October. Now Joe Morgan has died. Perhaps I should have said it has been a bad month for Hall of Famers. 

I remember Joe Morgan as a key member of the Cincinnati Reds. Later he played for the Giants. He was a great second baseman. When the Giants first started running games on a cable channel called Giant Vision, he was one of the announcers. He knew more about baseball than almost anyone, but some people did not like his style. I thought he was fine with the Giants and later with ESPN. He should have been a manager. 

Whitey Ford retired when I was young, but people talked and wrote about him all the time.

Bob Gibson terrorized batters with brushback pitches. He was a remarkable pitcher. 

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