Friday, July 31, 2020

COVID-19, Church, Baseball and Martial Law -- July 31, 2020

COVID-19 is making a comeback.  San Mateo goes back on the California watch list tonight.  It is raging in Florida and Texas. A news report said one American is dying every minute from COVID-19.  Some people still insist it is a hoax instigated by the Democratic Party.

My wife and daughter don't know if school will start in the classroom or as a Zoom meeting.

Last Saturday we went to mass at Good Shepherd in Pacifica for the first time since shelter at home started. Father Lu left as pastor earlier in July. Our new pastor is Father Charito Suan. He gave a nice homily. This week the parish is cutting back to one mass per weekend, at 11am on Sunday, with communion at 12:30pm.

Baseball has started up again. The Giants are 4-4.  New manager Gabe Kapler is doing a lot of mixing and matching.  One of his coaches, Alyssa Nakken is the first woman to coach a major league team.  Last night we got to see extra innings begin with a runner on second.  It did not go well for the Giants.  People are hitting a lot of home runs, perhaps because the viewing area under the right field pavilion is blocked.

Our so-called president has been sending Federal agents dressed in camouflage uniforms with no identification to provoke trouble during protests in Portland, Oregon.  They have snatched people off the street into unmarked vehicles.  He is threatening to occupy other cities like Oakland.  

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