Monday, June 22, 2020

Statues and RIPs -- June 22, 2020

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The protests inspired by the death of George Floyd and too many others has evolved into protests against America's historic racism.  In the south, people are pulling down Confederate statues. In Golden Gate Park, protestors pulled down the statue of Francis Scott Key, Key was an objectionable man, but the monument was paid for by James Lick and has stood in the park since the 1880s.  They went on to pull down a statue of Saint Junipero Serra near the DeYoung and a bust of Ulysses S Grant.  Why Grant?  His credentials as a practical abolitionist are unquestioned, but he did push the Indian Wars.

Art Curtiss, retired Muni Chief Inspector and longtime Coast Guard reservist, died this week after getting told he would live three more months in 2018.  He led a life dedicated to service and he was very good about sharing what he knew with transit fans.

David Perlman wrote for the Chronicle from 1940 to 2017. He was the science reporter for many years. He died at 101.

Vera Lynn, who was an icon of World War Two, died this week at 103.

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Nick said...

I hope the statue of Grant is repaired at least. He not only won the civil war for the union, but as president, stuck up for the rights of freed slaves--really the only president to do so for the next 80 years or so.