Thursday, January 23, 2020

Marias Massacre 150 -- January 23, 2020

Portland, Maine Daily Express, 29-January-1870

150 years ago today, US Army units killed about 200 Piegan Blackfeet in the Marias Massacre. Col Baker was Eugene M Baker.

A Helena, Montana, dispatch says that on the 18th inst, an expedition against certain tribes of Indians who have been stealing stock and murdering whites for the past several months, left Fort Shaw under the command of Col. Baker. The expedition consisted of four companies of cavalry and one company of infantry. Early on the morning of the 23d Col. Baker surprised Bear Chief's camp of over thirty lodges, and killed men, women and children. No quarter was given. The surprise was complete, and only six or eight men escaped. Bear Chief' was among the killed. Baker's loss was trifling. The other tribes of the Blackfeet, upon learning of the affair, immediately made all haste to reach the British Possessions, but it is understood that the expedition has the government's permission to cross the boundary line in pursuit. This news is confirmed by arrivals at Fort Benton.

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