Monday, August 6, 2018

German Air Raid Fiasco; Zeppelin Downed in Flames -- August 6, 2018

Wheeling Intelligencer, 06-August-1918

100 years ago today, on the night of 05-06-August-1918, Peter Strasser, the most important proponent and strategist of Zeppelins in Germany's Imperial Navy, was killed when L 70 was shot down by a D.H.4 near the English coast.  Strasser and the rest of his crew were killed.  This was the last Zeppelin raid on Britain during the war.  


LONDON, August 6. -- The attempted raid by German Zeppelins in the east Anglian coast last night proved to be a complete fiasco, according to reports thus far received.
British fliers who are ever on alert along the coast were ready, for the visitors, and met them well out at sea, bringing down one in flames, damaging a second and driving a third away. What happened to the other two airships in the squadron is not disclosed in the official statement. The fact, however, that the report said "Zeppelins crossed the coast" is ground for the presumption that these did reach land.

There is no evidence as yet that they dropped any bombs and it is probable that their crews were kept busy protecting their ships against pursuing British airmen.

LONDON. August 6.-- In last night's raid on England by German airships one of the enemy craft, a Zeppelin, was brought down, it was Officially announced today.

"Another of the German airships was damaged, but probably succeeded in reaching its base."

The official statement relative to the air raids reads:
"Five enemy airships attempted to cross the coast last night, but while still at sea were attacked by royal air force contingents, co-operating with naval units.

"Three were engaged in action and one was shot down in flames 40 miles from the coast. Another was damaged, but probably succeeded In reaching base."

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