Friday, August 11, 2017

American Bark Erskine M Phelps -- August 11, 2017

San Francisco Call, 18-October-1900
The drawing is from the 18-October-1900 San Francisco Call. William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the newspaper. 

"bbl" = barrel  
"cr" = crate?
"cs" = case 
"gal" = gallon
"pkg" = package
"sk" = sack
"tierce" = cask, 42 gallons

"1 cs horns" -- I wonder what that was.  

Large Cargo for New York. 

The ship Erskine M. Phelps cleared yesterday for New York with the following cargo:
39,595 cs 5640 bbls 500 tierces salmon, 4353 pkgs scrap iron, 501 gals wine, 40 sks cement, 200  bbls fish oil, 1 cs horns, 100 bales rags, 10 crs machinery, 2299 sks mustard seed, 15 cs drugs, 911 sks bone black, 100 bbls pickled cherries, 115 cs books, 3384 sks silver lead ore, 85 cs copper paint, 28,780 sks brewing barley.


nick kibre said...

Do you suppose all that salmon was preserved or pickled?

Cr's might be crates.

Joe Thompson said...

Hi Nick. Thank you for commenting. Crates makes sense. Salmon that was shipped that far was probably canned. Cans would go in crates. Less valuable fish like would have been salted, but that would probably have wound up in a crate, too.