Tuesday, June 13, 2017

162 Perish in Air Raid on London -- June 13, 2017


One hundred years ago today, on 13-June-1917, Germany launched its most destructive daylight bomber raid on London.  162 died and 432 were injured.  Eighteen children died in Poplar when the Germans scored a direct hit on The Upper North Street School's infant classroom.   16 of the children killed in the school were aged 4 to 6 years old.  No German bombers were downed by British anti-aircraft artillery or interceptor airplanes.   

From the 13-June-1917 East Oregonian

41 Perish in Air Raid on London
Fifty German Aircraft Form Bombing Squadron; One is Downed; Raiders First Appear Over Essex, Coast Where Bomb Hits School House Killing Ten Children and Injuring Fifty.

LONDON, June 13. --  Germany's fourth recent aeroplane raid has claimed a death toll of 41 and 121 injured in London alone.  Fifty aeroplanes formed a bombing squadron, Chancellor of the Exchequer Law announced.  One was downed.

The German raiders appeared over the Essex coast shortly before noon. A bomb struck an elementary school and killed ten children, injuring 50.

British anti-air craft guns and defense pIanes vigorously fought the invaders. King George and Minister of War Derby hurried to the attacked section and offered sympathy.

Train Struck by Bombs

Thirteen bombs were dropped on the east end of London. The Royal flying squadron instantly took to the air and undoubtedly prevented further damage. It drove off the Germans in a thrilling fight.

Lord French, commander of the home defense forces, estimated the casualty low at first but later reports brought up the totals.  It is stated that a non military train carrying a number of passengers was struck by bombs. 

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