Friday, February 3, 2017

US Breaks Relations With Germany -- February 3, 2017

Chicago Day Book, 03-February-1917

100 years ago today, the United States broke diplomatic relations with the German Empire after Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare.  


Gerard Is Recalled -- Swiss Minister Takes Charge of Teuton Affairs -- President Addresses Congress -- May Avoid Actual War Unless Germany Sink U. S. Ship --Navy Yards Guarded. 

Washington, Feb. 3. -- President Wilson told congress this afternoon he had instructed Secretary of State Lansing to break off diplomatic relations with Germany.

Ambassador Gerard and all American consuls have been recalled from Germany.

German Ambassador Von Bernstotff was handed his passports at 1 :57 this afternoon.

The Swiss minister has taken over all business of the German legation.

In view of the German declaration for ruthless submarine warfare, the president declared no course was left open except to break relations with Germany.

He declared all neutrals should follow the example of the United States.

War, said the president, was not an inevitable outcome of the severance of relations.

He hoped the German government would make no attack on American ships and seamen.

The United States, he saidy stood for right and justice.

The United States is not self seeking in its attitude toward Germany he declared.

Unless driven to it by Germany, force may still be avoided in maintaining the safety of U. S. ships and upholding American rights and ideas.

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