Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nieuport 24bis - October 20, 2016

When I was a kid, someone gave me a book about World War One airplanes.  I virtually memorized it. The Nieuport 24bis was one of a long series of sesquiplane (wing-and-a-half) fighters from the French Nieuport company.  The 24 was more aerodynamically clean than its predecessor, the Nieuport 17.  The original 24 had problems with its tail, so the company produced the 24bis, whith a tail based on the 17.  The 24bis was soon replaced as a front line fighter by the Spad 7, but continued to be used as an advanced trainer.  This example is a reproduction. 

Ace Paul Tarascon named his 24bis Zigomar, after a popular series of stories and movies about a a master criminal. 

Motography, 29-March-1913

In July, 2010, we visited the Museum of Flight near Seattle.   I took this photo in the Personal Courage Wing, which features airplanes, mostly fighters, from World War One and World War Two.

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