Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Race Records -- February 3, 2016

Talking Machine World, March, 1928

Okeh made many records aimed at minority groups.  These were often referred to as "race records."  Jazz and blues artists Louis Armstrong and Victoria Spivey made many records for the company.  Okeh also produced dance records and operatic records.

Texas Alexander was a guitar playing blues singer.

I can't find much about Blue Belle.  Her original name was Bessie Mae Smith.  She may have recorded using a number of names.  Here is Blind Blake's version of "Boa Constrictor Blues."

I can't find much about Mark Fisher either.  Here is organist Jesse Crawford's version of "Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter." 

Seger Ellis played the piano and sang.  His style is an acquired taste.  I haven't acquired it. 

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