Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wells Fargo Museum is Open -- May 17, 2014

The Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco closed last August for renovation.  It reopened on 28-March-2014.  I was able to visit today and enjoyed it immensely.  The beautiful Abbott Downing stagecoach still sits in the front window, but much has changed.  The skeleton stagecoach that people can sit in has moved downstairs.  There are more interactive exhibits.  I liked the telegraph key connected to a key in the Portland, Oregon museum.  Nobody responded when I tried it. 

I liked the display case with a model of a Clay Street Hill cable car and mementos of Andrew S Hallidie. 

Today after we took my mother grocery shopping we went downtown and parked at Fifth and Mission.  We walked up to the Irish Bank and had a nice lunch.  We stopped at Macy's on the way back to the garage. 
We came home and watched California Chrome win the Preakness. 
I took the photo of the Seabiscuit statue at Tanforan on 05-December-2011.  Seabiscuit was born and raised in Kentucky, but he had his greatest success while he was owned by Charles Howard, a San Francisco auto dealer.   

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