Wednesday, February 19, 2014

1893 on the Embarcadero -- February 19, 2014

Car 1893 belongs to the Vent'Otto class of trams from Milan, Italy.  They have proved to be work horses for the San Francisco Municipal Railway's F-Line.  Here we see the Peter Witt car on the storage tracks on Embarcadero.  The old State Agricultural Building is in the background.  1893 is in the orange livery worn by Milan cars since the early 1970s.  When I visited in 1977, most of the trams were orange, but some were still in the older green livery.  I took the photo on 23-January-2014. "Vent'Otto" means 28, the year the class debuted in Milan.  The plural is "Vent'Otti." 

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