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2007 -- February 1, 2012

I didn't start doing a year-end summary in this blog until 2010.  I thought I might go back and review the years before.

I launched this blog on 24-June-2007, after a false start on Geocities earlier that month.  The Geocities software was not mature, but several of my favorite blogs were hosted on Blogger, so I went there.

In June, I started my oldest yearly series, Red Devils Return to Pacifica, about the fireworks stands that appear every year.  Our charities have come to depend on the money from fireworks sales.  Rod Beck died.  I started an irregular series about the Waterless Knox automobile and other occurrences of the Knox name.  The series pops up every now and then.

In July, for the first time, we saw Tim Lincecum pitch in person.  The Giants hosted the All Star Game. I started my oldest continuous monthly series, It's Hard Work Being a Cat.  I made a post about the Ford 999 racing car.  This has been one of the most-queried posts in the blog.  I wrote about Neal Gabler's Walt Disney/The Triumph of the American Imagination and Joe Posnanski's The Soul of Baseball/A Road Trip Through Buck O'Neil's America.  Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni died on the same day.

On 04-August-2007, in San Diego, Barry Bonds hit his 755th home run, to tie Hank Aaron's major league record. On the 7th, Bonds broke the record at home.  I wrote about JK Rowling's last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I started posting a 4-part series "The Pneumatic Rolling Sphere Carrier Delusion," by Doctor Peter Henri Van Der Weyde. That what where I found the title for this blog.  Max roach died.  I tried to hold a contest but no one came.

In September I participated in the Slapstick Blog-a-Thon and had a lot of fun.  Luciano Pavarotti, Phil Frank and Joe Zawinul died.  I wrote about Jasper Fforde's First Among Sequels.  The Giants announced that Barry Bonds would not return the next season.  On 26-September-2007, at home, Barry Bonds played his last game as a San Francisco Giant.  We visited the Nut Tree and the California State Railroad Museum.

In October, Original Joe's Restaurant was closed by a fire.

In November, I started a monthly series of photos of firehouses.  On Thanksgiving, Pacifica celebrated its 50th birthday.  16-November-2007 was the 175th birthday of the horse car.  My friend Walter Rice died.

In December, we cut our Christmas tree at Santa's Tree Farm in Half Moon Bay.  I attended the Cable Car Division Senior Luncheon and met Miss Cable Car 1973, Barbara Walsh.  I saw the double decker bus that Muni was testing.  I wrote about Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union.

The summary from my last entry of the year:
2007 was an interesting year. I started this blog. I was impressed to find that people actually read it and occasionally make comments. Bloggers love comments. I thank all the people who have let me know what they think.

I took the photo above on 09-June-2007. 

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