Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waterless Knox #14 -- June 28, 2012

From the 06-January-1907 San Francisco Call.  Golden Gate Avenue was San Francisco's original Auto Row. 

The latest addition to the Knox family of the air-cooled variety, the model H Knox waterless 25-30 horsepower automobile, has arrived at the sales rooms of the Mobile Carriage Company. It is one of the most pleasing cars of the 1907 models.  The power plant is under the hood, thoroughly and completely accessible, and the cylinders are cooled by the direct and patented Knox system of grooved pins.

The main points in the specifications are: Four cylinders, 4 3/8 x 4 3/4 inches; selective sliding gear transmission, shaft drive and bevel gear, three speeds forward and one reverse, 102-inch wheel
base, 50-inch tread, 32 inch by 4 tires, jump spark ignition; weight 2250 pounds.

The car will easily seat five persons and can develop a speed of forty-five miles per hour.

This is the. car that Vice President Wright of the Knox Company drove from Springfield. Mass. to New York, a distance of 600 miles, in nineteen hours and thirty-six minutes without a stop.  The performance was. exceedingly creditable when the condition of the Eastern roads at this time of the year is considered.

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