Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Claret -- November 9, 2011

Doctor Peter Henri Van Der Weyde wrote the series of articles which gave this blog its name. This article, from the 29-June-1869 Adelaide South Australian Register, talks about a presentation he made on an unusual method of making claret.The image comes from the February, 1893 issue of Manufacturer and Builder.

How to Make Claret - At tbe meeting of the Polytechnic Association of the American institute, on tbe 7th of January, during a discussion on the adulteration of wines, Dr. Van der Weyde is reported by the Chemical News to have described a mode of making claret, viz:., by allowing water to soak through shavings, and adding thereto a certain proportion of logwood and tartaric acid. This produced a wine hardly to be distiuguithed in flavour and colour from claret.

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