Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nuova Porziuncola -- August 20, 2011

Today we parked at Fifth and Mission and caught a 30 Stockton to Green. We went to Saint Francis Church, which is now the National Shrine of Saint Francis. The family had not been there since the church was restored. Then we visited the Nuova Porziuncola, the model of the little church rebuilt by Saint Francis. It is beautiful to see. The walls are rough stone with some damaged frescoes, copied from the originals.

The photo shows the old gym, which contains the Nuova Porziuncola.

From there we went to the Cafe Sport, which my wife and I had not visited for almost 30 years. We had pasta with pesto and fried calamari. All good. The restaurant was not very busy.

Then we went to Molinari's and bought some olive oil and some other items. It doesn't smell the way that Gloria Delicatessen used to smell. Then we went to Victoria Pastry and bought some cookies.

We walked out Columbus to Kearny and Kearny to Post. We went over to Union Square and visited Macys, then went home.

Father Jess said 5 0'clock mass.

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