Thursday, April 21, 2011

Presidential Motorcade -- April 21, 2011

Tuesday night I read in the paper that President Obama was coming to town. As I walked to work on Wednesday, I saw bundles of barriers staged along Mission. In the afternoon, the police closed off Howard at Third. He was going to stay up the street at the Intercontinental. This morning, he was going to a breakfast function at the Saint Regis, at Third and Mission. When I got off BART, there was a group of protesters at Third and Market.

Before nine, we saw that Howard had been blocked again at Third, and that Third had been blocked at Folsom. I surmised that the President might come the wrong way down Howard. This proved to be true. He is in the second limousine, visible between two light poles in the photo.

I had a meeting at ten, so didn't get to see him leave.

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